Special offers for ‘new normal’ world change times

The Radiant Living e-news gives info about specials, free to subscribe. Check the Radiant Living Facebook page too. As for PRICING:, being ongoing ‘new-normal’ adjustment world times, negotiate your price! General parameters are (audio-recorded, phone or in-person): $45 to $70 for a short reading, which is between 20 to 30 mins, and these specials are with or without your sharing themes. When sharing themes think of it as a ‘session’ with communication to and fro. A 1 hour session reading is $90 to $145 (depending on your financial situation) i.e. 45mins on the recorder, or in-person, or phone, and the rest the prep time etc. If you’re concession/ low-income/ pension/ bad cash flow moment, for 1 hour consider between $80 and $110 (or choose the half-hour option, above). If your funds are flowing, the usual price for a standard ‘1 hr’ session, phone, in-person or audio-recorded, is between $125 and $145 for the ‘1 hour’.


Introductory Offer

$10 Off Your Reading

If you’ve never had a reading with me before, or have and missed out on this, please mention this Introductory Offer. Deduct $10 off the usual price.

To order, please use this form to email me.

Subscriber Prices

I am now doing some in-person sessions (click on my image for info) in a couple of locations. And of course, always the audios, just email me for a remote service that suits you.


How to Order Your Session

Sessions, audio or phone or in-person, are arranged over email. MP3 or MP4 audios have an easy download link to click on to listen to your reading. Call or email me and I’ll be in touch to ask your birth data and themes.