Some Questions Often Asked About My Outlook

Are you a coach?

As a professional editor and teacher, I naturally lean toward helping others find their core themes, messages and information, and to back themselves with inspired and practical life goals.

Are you a counsellor?

Yes and no. My training included counseling, but I’m not a counsellor in the sense of ‘counselling therapy’. I offer audio readings, and often recommend consultations with practitioners, e.g. coaches, therapists, counsellors, and psychotherapists. I’m conversational in my approach in the audio recordings and ask you questions to deepen your own reflection or open new thought pathways.

Are you a psychic?

I use my intuitive, ‘sixth sense’ skills in readings. I’ve trained in intuitive-psychic development, yet I’m not ‘a psychic’ (but have respect for professional psychics). I draw on all my intuitive senses when preparing your recording and include images that come to me as they flow in and out of a reading.

What’s the best way to contact you?

Email is the best way. Yet please feel free to leave a phone message if that’s better, and I’ll respond over text or email.

What kind of energy work do you do?

I’m a member of the Australian Holistic Healers and Counselors Association. I’ve trained in various deep relaxation, meditation and body talk techniques, including mindfulness, yoga, dance, music body-mind healing and qi gong. For 15 years, I offered ‘on the table’ energy healing with skills drawn from various courses (natural-resonance energy healing as the basis, and elements of shamanic/deep soul healing, chakra/biofield healing, spiritual healing, and vibrational/crystal healing). I now offer energy readings.

Can I choose a combination of astrology, tarot & energy awareness in a reading?

Yes, for a brief exploration of each within the hour. Send me an email and let me know a bit about what you’d like to explore and I can work out how much of each to put in the combination.

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