Do you know what phase you were born under? There are 8 phases the moon cycles through each month: New Moon, Crescent, 1st Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, 3rd Quarter, Balsamic. The moon’s light grows brighter from new to full moon and is said to be ‘waxing’. After full moon, its energy is ‘waning’ – i.e. decreasing in light. The birth lunar phase is a major part of your inner template and orientation.

What phase are you in now? Knowing this can help you plan your next life moves as well as understand why you’re drawn in certain directions. The following is a brief snippet about each phase.

Eight lunar phases

1. New Moon:

The new moon is the start of each month’s lunar cycle. The moon is still dark and grows to a thin fingernail in this phase. It’s a time of allowing new seeds to emerge, which seem to arise from the deep. If you were born under this enigmatic lunar phase, you tend to have a capacity to bring ‘new’ to the forefront as if you innately know how to fish treasures of ‘now’ up from deep places. Your outlook on life often has a fresh innocence that helps ignite wonder in others. Each month, the new moon phase is an opportunity for everyone to plant new seeds, but it’s a special time for those born under this phase to tap into the gift of cultivating the new.

2. Crescent Moon (aka Waxing Crescent):

Just as the crescent moon hangs magically in the sky each month, so too those born under the crescent moon seem to have a glint of something magic within themselves. Like watching a newly lit match, the energy dances and intrigues. The crescent moon person bubbles over with the excitement of finding ways to make what emerged at the new moon phase happen. If you were born under this phase, you’re likely to have a creative streak. Each month, the crescent moon phase is an opportunity for everyone to dance in the fountains of creativity, but if you were born under this phase, it’s your special time to connect with your gift for creative flow.

3. First Quarter Moon:

Quarter moons bring an energy charge like a rush of adrenalin, or to push through a challenge or difficulty. The excitement at the crescent moon phase now meets opponents or ‘take it to the next level’ teachers. If you were born under this phase, you’re likely to be quite dynamic with the ability to take on greater challenges than most, or even lead the charge through battles. Each month, the 1st quarter moon phase gives us all a chance to rise to the next level, but it’s a particularly potent time for those of you born under this phase, prompting you to remember to tap into your inner power.

4. Gibbous Moon (aka Waxing Gibbous):

The gibbous moon is in between the quarter and full moon. It’s come through the ‘up the ante’ energy of the quarter moon and feels the pleasure or discomfort of the input, co-operation and co-creation of others. Those born under the gibbous phase tend to innately seek out and value the stimulation and innovation of ideas being exchanged and even have a knack for helping people join forces. Each month, the gibbous moon phase offers a chance for all of us to reach out and contribute, but if you were born under this phase, this is your time to make the most of your people-person skills.

5. Full Moon:

Every month, the lunar cycle culminates in the brightness of the full moon. The energy’s at its peak and magnifies and amplifies experiences to the point of celebration or drama. There’s greater clarity than usual and a chance to truly see what everything has been building towards. If you’re born under a full moon, you tend to follow a goal from deep within that you have an innate commitment to bring to fruition. You often feel the excitement of the highs and lows you face. All of us at a full moon get to assess where we’re at with the highs and lows of reaching our goals, but if you were born under this phase, this is your time for deeper clarity on your core vision and how to reach your success.

6. Disseminating Moon (aka Waning Gibbous):

Often called a hunchback moon because of its shape, this moon is a little like Santa with a sack on his back. If you were born under this moon, you tend to reach out to share the fruits of your achievements and knowledge. You might gravitate toward teaching or writing as there’s a pull from within to ‘disseminate’ your gifts. You have built wisdom from experience and use your hindsight. At this time each month, everyone tends to feel a bit more like sharing their insights, but if you were born under this phase, this is a special time for you to take your wisdom even further.

7. Third Quarter Moon (aka Last Quarter):

During this time of the lunar month, there’s a desire to tie up projects and keep enjoying the party while the moon’s still bright. We want to stay up late continuing the fun before the lights go out, and feel a growing sadness that the party will need to end. Those born under this lunar phase tend to have an innate knowing that time is precious and feel a sense of urgency not to dilly dally. At this time each month, each of us feels the ‘breath of time’, but if you were born under this phase, you can particularly tap into your gift for making the most of each minute.

8. Balsamic Moon (aka Waning Crescent down to Dark Moon):

This deeply reflective moon, also known as the ‘Last Crescent Moon’, brings a pull to integrate inner wisdom. The light of the moon is decreasing, and by the end of this phase will have decreased down to blackness (the dark moon, from which the next new moon begins). The balsamic moon helps us savour all things that grow better with age (yes, balsamic vinegar!) If you were born under this phase, you’ve got your own inner ‘Yoda’ digesting down to the pure essence of life by contemplating the past, while grabbing the poignancy of each ‘now’. At this time each month, everyone has the chance to do some quiet ‘savouring’, but if you were born under this phase, it’s a chance to go more deeply with appreciating the riches within.

Lunar Phases & Fertility:

Throughout ancient astrological knowing, it’s understood that a person’s birth lunar phase has a special connection with fertility. In recent years, some conception researchers have confirmed there is a lunar peak when conception is more possible, and this coincides with the person’s birth lunar phase. The fertility window is relevant to both men and women, and relates to any area of life where heightened creativity is welcome, including conceiving a baby. If you’d like to know more, Google the work of ‘Francesca Naish’, a natural fertility expert.

Your Birth & Current Lunar Phases:

Knowing your birth lunar phase can help make sense of a deeper pulse to your life that seems to flavour everything. On top of that will be your current lunar phase, adding another infusion, which lasts 3.5 years. It can often be helpful to know which of the eight lunar phases is flowing through your life now, in addition to your fundamental birth lunar phase.