The APA is a branch of the APAI (Association of Professional Astrologers International) and lists the APA’s professional Australian astrology members who have passed exams by the FAA (see below) or an equivalent, and completed a certain number of counselling, consulting and professional supervision hours.

A professional astrology site offering free daily horoscopes, charts and general astrology explanations. This site is run by Astrodienst in Switzerland.

A non-profit news and information agency for astrology, with an advisory council from five major astrology organisations (ISAR, NCGR, AFAN, AFA and OPA), Astrology News Service provides latest news about astrology and addresses common myths and misperceptions.

Exploring the relationship between astrology, psychology, mythology, the inner world and counselling, and focusing on astrology for human development, Astro*Synthesis offers a distance learning syllabus, specialist topic CD purchases, books and some great articles for download.

The CIA is a group of astrologers with headquarters in Melbourne, many ‘agents’ worldwide and a large Facebook following. A range of interesting articles is available on their website, plus links to a vast number of astrologers.

Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA)

The FAA has state branches that hold regular meetings for both members and non-members. These meetings are networking opportunities for anyone interested in astrology. Each branch has its own website and monthly newsletter (see VAA below). The FAA acts as an examination body for astrologers.

The IAA is the oldest online astrology school with instructors covering every level of astrological education. In their resources section, they offer this list of links to international astrologers and organisations.

IONs provides information on the latest scientific research into consciousness, as well as topics such as the collective unconscious; parapsychology; subtle energies; health and healing; death, dying and beyond; the power of intention; rational and intuitive knowledge.

NASA’s eclipse information website.

Information on planets, moons, exoplanets, black holes, dark energy, dark matter, dwarf planets etc.

NASA’s top news stories on space weather observations using latest space telescopes, satellites etc.

Daily news on sunspots, solar flares, solar wind, auroras, eclipses etc and a great photo gallery too.

The Tarot Guild offers a directory of professional practitioners. It’s a membership-based organisation that creates opportunities for networking with like-minded people.

Use Nature is a health and lifestyle directory.

The Victorian Astrologers Association is a state branch of the FAA (see above). Monthly meetings are held for members and non-members on the third Saturday of every month in Melbourne.