A popular one-stop-shop for free chart calculations and printouts of chart wheels is


Many astrology sites create free chart diagrams and computer-generated reports and has many different chart types and reports or (which provides a quick, simple calculation tool).

Some chart report services that I’ve received good feedback about are and Check out their sample charts before purchasing to get a feel for them. If you discover other sites you like, let me know and I’ll include them here too.


When you have an audio reading, I’ll email your PDF copies of your chart diagrams to keep, but I don’t offer written reports as there are so many quality computer-generated reports for your date, place & time of birth online these days.

If you’d like a personal interpretation of your chart, the best option is to arrange an audio recording.


  • “An astrology reading with Michelle is a gift for the soul, and as you gently unwrap it together, you find exciting potentials, missing pieces of your jigsaw puzzle, renewed strength and passion to follow your dreams… all with a healthy dose of fun and laughter.”

    Sally W – In-person Consult
  • “I’ve found the experiences incredible… I’m blown away by the accuracy… the relevance to my life… It’s made me wonder (I’m a novice to all of this) how a person who doesn’t know me, could know me more than most people do… It’s like hearing my inner voice speak through the voice of a stranger… Thanks Michelle.”

    Kath T – In-person Consult
  • “The session was clear, informative and extremely powerful and I have referred to many aspects of it during the last six months… Your technical expertise was evident… and the session has given my life enormous insight. Thank you so much Michelle.”

    Trudy B – In-person Consult
  • “Thank you so very much for my astrology reading, I am very, very happy with it and it is spot on! You have helped me to get out there and keep doing what I love and being fully confident in myself… Thank you so much. I am very grateful.”

    Karen R – MP3 astrology reading
  • “Thank you sincerely for a most comprehensive reading. I must say you are very accurate about so many facets of who I am from my birth experience to now and into the future. I am amazed actually. Thank you. It has been wonderful to hear someone expressing what I know deep inside and your words have given me trust in who I am. What a way to start this New Year!”

    Dianne S – MP3 astrology reading
  • “I am so truly grateful to you Michelle for this reading. Every word resonated with me! It feels like someone finally understands me and knows my very being. This was profound! I thank you with all my heart.”

    Beth C – MP3 astrology reading
  • “You have this uncanny ability to verbalise what’s going on in my internal landscape and to use the most wonderful metaphors and similes! I could picture you sitting there picturing me and conjuring your helpful images.”

    Deborah D – MP3 astrology reading
  • “I feel such validation from your reading. Thank you most earnestly soul-to-soul for the upliftment I feel from being seen, acknowledged and understood. Your inner perceptions are so in alignment. What an amazing reading, yet again.”

    Lin B – MP3 astrology reading
  • “I have listened to the MP3 a number of times now and am grateful for all the information it contains… it’s truly amazing… spot on in fact. You have confirmed what’s brewing in my life at the moment and I thank you so much for the reading and its insights.”

    Maria M – MP3 astrology reading
  • “Thanks, Michelle, I loved it! You have helped me enormously with this reading. I appreciate you helping me understand what’s going on in my life right now. Thank you so much.”

    Susan D – MP3 astrology reading12
  • “Thanks Michelle, I loved it! You have helped me enormously with this reading. I appreciate you helping me understand what’s going on in my life right now. Thank you so much.”

    Susan D – MP3 astrology reading