About Energy Readings

In an energy reading, I use meditation to intuit dream-like symbols, images and messages, similar to what happens in a person-to-person energy healing, or to what happens if you meditate or record your dreams. Images of archetypes or parts of identity appear, and similar to movies or dreams, messages emerge. With intuitive meditation, I go through the chakras, the ‘soul stratas’, and share with you what appears.

Energy Reading, 60-mins MP3

$125 standard price/ $115 e-news subscribers

An energy reading can help show which parts of the self might be experiencing energy blocks and help work toward creating new visions.

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Your true energy

When your energy feels real, your past present and future line up. Your daydreams, imagination, thoughts and actions also line up in ways that make sense in holistic connection with self, others, soul and world. It’s easier to hold truth and clarity about how to sustainably and authentically be who you are and be where you want to be.

Distant healing?

This is not an energy healing or a distant healing, yet as you listen, wherever the energy reading strikes a chord with parts of your soul-self-spirit, energy moves. All energy responds to information as we think, feel and behave. Traditions go far back into ancient history with natural intuitive distant meditation, which is one of the ways I ‘tune in’ for your reading.

Birth details?

Your life energies show through your astrology, so feel free to supply your date, place and time of birth and I can briefly reflect on your chart from an energy perspective before I meditate. I may or may not mention parts of your astrology, as the focus of an energy reading is on the images.