‘How do cycles, diving timing, spirituality work? Whether astrology cycles, soul timing, spiritual synchronicity, energy wellbeing or etc. What does science share? What do ancient wisdoms share that match valid current-day research? Is it possible for planets to affect human behaviour by frequency or resonance or quantum influences? Or is it that the powers-that-be behind the scenes use the timing of planetary alignments as ‘soul clock agreements’?

Those questions became the focus of a minor thesis (10,000 words equivalent to a university honours/4th year of a degree) which I researched and wrote between 2001 and 2003, then presented a paper on in 2006 at the 16th FAA International Astrologers Conference held in Melbourne! A life’s calling this one as even now past the year 2020, I’m still constantly researching and contemplating these topics!

I looked at many major global researchers, many of them scientist astrologers, who have influenced the thinking of astrologers on how astrology works, especially the biology of astrology (energy-field-biofield interaction with material-physical-body etc).

A PDF of the thesis reference list is here.