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Astro Birth Chart, Short/ Medium/ Long

Take a tour of your birth chart, exploring a selection of key factors that are most prominent and influential, including your Rising Sign, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, stand-out alignments, angles and houses… READ MORE…

Astro Forecasts, Short/ Medium/ Long

Explore your personal ‘astroweather’ to be in sync with prevailing energies. Perfect for insight into what’s coming up over the next couple of months, or to understand the feature transits and progressions over the next 12 months… READ MORE…

Your Moon Astrology – Your Inner Guidance

Bring your deepest inner guidance to the surface for powerful awareness into what makes you tick and is at the bottom of everything to do with life and love! Six MP3s to choose from!… READ MORE…

Career & Life Path – Get Where You Want to Be

Have you hit a turning point in your work life? Perhaps wanting to change jobs, pull out of a business contract or go the next level in your current situation? Let’s take a look at what cycles you’re under and how they influence peaks and troughs in your career moves… READ MORE…

Love, Relationships and Soul Mates

Whether single, married, divorced, in a love affair or dating casually, the ups and downs of love affect us all. In this Love and Relationships MP3, I take a look at the relationship factors in your astrology, and this can include all types of relationships, such as friendships, family… READ MORE…

Health & Wellbeing – Regain Your Life Force

Illness is one of those ‘life growth opportunities’ we all eventually go through, and has its own gifts, sometimes even great treasures. Whether your health symptoms are chronic or short-term, let’s see what your astrology can reveal. As I explore your chart, patterns emerge that… READ MORE…

Your Venus Energy – Attraction, Value, Money

How does the ‘Law of Attraction’ work for you? Venus is the powerful archetype of love, beauty, values and money. Take a look at your birth Venus configuration as well as your current Venus set-up to see how your unique Venus energies are flowing… READ MORE…

Your Mars Energy – Action, Desire, Energy

Mars is all about energy. His job is to help you get out and make your life happen. This archetype of passion and libido can stagnate into depression or fire up into rage if it feels blocked or inundated. Discover your birth and current Mars and explore how to… READ MORE…

Your Sun Energy – Your True Self MP3

Follow the path of your own Sun to find your fulfilment. As you engage with your Sun, your core original spirit self, it lights the way to your unique version of success and love. Just because you’re a Cancer or Libra etc doesn’t mean you fall into a common category… READ MORE…

Your Mercury Energy – Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Mercury the ‘messenger god’ gets you connected in life and affects the flow of everything, from career to social media to friendships and networking. Need to make an impression at a job interview or important work meeting? Need to turn around a communication block? Bring out the best in the way you’re putting yourself out there. In this reading, you’ll discover… READ MORE…

Energy Readings

Common themes explored in Energy Readings are how to shift energy blocks, feeling stuck or sluggish, health and wellbeing, romance, relationships, work, life purpose, creative calling, past lives, turning point recovery, new visions and confidence etc. An Energy Reading is not a distant healing, but as you listen to the information, wherever it strikes a chord with your own core nature, your essential self will automatically emit that energy centre’s core vibration and through the natural law of attraction, you will draw to yourself the core natural energy relating to that chakra. This is a very natural process, like flowers opening up to the sun and then receiving the sun’s light. For details on the three options, GO HERE.

Tarot Readings

Ask about romance, relationships, career, life purpose – anything on your mind. Explore solutions to particular worries or difficult situations. My approach is intuitive and soul-centred and quite dynamic, yet also practical, but not predictive, even though I will explore future possibilities. You have a say in your future, therefore I do not predict. If you’d prefer me to ‘read blind’, I can do that, but if you have a burning theme or question to explore, let me know as ‘blind readings’ might not go where you’d like them to… i.e. the cards might bring up what your soul wants you to know, ready or not! If you want more say in the direction, please let me know a question or theme.

Experiencing an MP3 Reading

An MP3 reading can be listened to any time of day or night: a handy flexible option. It arrives in your inbox through a Send Big File service, then all you need to do is click on the download link, get yourself comfortable with headphones and enjoy time dedicated to you and your chart. I’ve been told it’s as if I’m right there having a personal chat with you.

How to Order

Please contact me by email and I’ll be in touch, usually within 24 hours. This is an email service only. You are welcome to text me or leave a voice message, but I will reply over email or text.

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